iOS 5 Bluetooth Support Good News – Sort of

According to reports from people who have got the new iOS5, it now supports sending ID3 tag data via bluetooth. This has been something of a bug bear for car audio enthusiasts who have wanted to display track infromation, such as album, song title and artist, but until now hasn’t been supported by Apple.

This latest update (when it’s released) seems to be good news for those who like to have that info in front of us. After all it looks better than just having “track x” on the display. But early reports suggest that it only currently supports a few models. And even those that it does support, some still have some bugs to sort out, such as displaying the first track details but not changing when the next track starts.

Hopefully these issues will be fixed by the final release and a larger range will be supported. Assuming of course that it can be fixed on Apple’s side, if it needs to be fixed by the stereo manufacturers though, we will need to wait for them to issue firmware upgrades.

Either way, this is a step forward and hopefully we will have more such updates in the future. Maybe there will even be more info about iOS 5 as the its features are released over the next few weeks.

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