Sound Deadening for a More Enjoyable Sound

So, I was driving along on another 100 mile commute and it occured to me that the sound come from my stereo wasn’t as good as when I took short trips around the neighbourhood. “What’s the difference?” I think to myself, and of course I responded “You going faster now dope”.

Anyway, after this scintilating discussion with myself, I decided to look into it. And what do you know, other people have noticed the same thing. It seems my poor old stereo (if 6 months could be considered old) was suffering from road noise, and of course the doors vibrating along with the speakers they were holding.

This outstanding revelation systematically lead me to the conclusion that I should find a way of both reducing the vibration in the doors and lower the road noise invading my space.

This is how I so legantly found out about Dynamat Xtreme sheeting. This stuff comes in pretty handy in reducing the vibration and noise. Simply install it where you want and in no time at all you’ll be blessed with improved sound.

The Dynamat won’t get rid of all the noise and vibration though, but it can significantly improve the sound. I would advise getting a professional to instal though as it can be quite a pain to do yourself if you’re not the handiest of people at car installations.

Amazon have both the Dynamat Xtreme Door Kit and Xtreme Bulk Pack .

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