Thinking of Buying New Car Speakers?

One of the most cost effective ways of improving the sound of your double din car stereo (or any car stereo for that matter) is by getting new car speakers.

Simply speaking there are 2 basic types of aftermarket car speakers that you can get, full range and component speakers. So which one is better? First let’s look at what each one is. Full range speakers include all elements that produce sound, including woofer and tweeter in the one unit. Component on the other hand have the woofer and tweeters as seperate parts, but designed to work together.

Most factory units come with the full range option, so if you just want a simple solution, these aftermarket speakers can usually just be installed in place of the oem speakers, which will improve the sound without much effort. On the other hand, component tend to give a better sound and allows you to place the woofer and tweeters in different places that will provide an even better sound.

So, after deciding which of the above options you’d like to go for, what else should we look at? The material that is used in the speakers will effect both the sound quality and how long they will last. The material used in tweeters especially can make a big difference in the sound they produce, and can be made of either hard or soft materials. Hard materials such as ceramic, graphite or metal give a sharper and crisper sound, whilst softer materials such as poly, silk or textile blends will give a sound that is more mellow and refined.

A good woofer should be made from a lightweight and stiff material to produce the low notes effectively. Polypropylene is probably the most commonly used material, but a polypropylene mixed with mica, or other similar material, will give a better more accurate sound. Another option is woven fabrics covered by metals such as titanium or aluminum, which are also strong and lightweight, giving an excellent sound.

The surround on the woofer also plays a big part in the quality of sound produced. The woofer needs to be able to move freely so that it can perform at its best. A popular choice is for cloth and foam surrounds because they are a cheaper option, but going for rubber will give better performance and last longer.

Okay, there’s probably more I can (and will) say on choosing the right aftermarket speaker set-up. But I’ll leave it there for now and maybe come back with more at a later date.

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