Excelon DNX9960 Kenwood Car Stereo – Best Double Din Head Unit?

I don’t know that I’d call the Kenwood Excelom DNX9960 the best double din head unit but it is certainly right up there. Of course with a price of over $1,000 you are paying for the quality, but in some circumstances paying that extra is well worth it for the quality you’re getting. This unit for example has provides an excellent navigation system and has great sound quality, a combinatiojn that is quite often lacking in other systems, particularly lower priced items.

The Garmin navigation that comes with this system is awesome and lives up to Garmins reputation for high quality navigation systems. The backgrounds for the startup and playback screens are customizable an add a level of customizability that makes the unit just a little more interesting than the plain backgrounds used by a lot of manufacturers.

It also supports two usb ports and recognizes usb drives, thus allowing playback of music, movies and even pictures from an external drive. iPhones/iPods can be connected via usb or bluetooth and allows for control via the phone/ipod or screen with both connection methods. Bluetooth hands-free calling is clear for both parties and showed no interference.

The monitor is extremely crisp and warrants no complaints (at least on my part). There are also fron and rear camera inputs which a lot of people will find handy. The sound engine, calibration and equilizer are all high quality and perfrom well. You can also adjust illumination to suit your vehicle and taste.

The screen is adjustable to give the perfect viewing angle. Voice control works well and should even appeal to people who haven’t used it before. It’s simple to switch back and forth between navigation and other sources via one button switching. Best of all, the unit looks great.

Overall I think this is a great unit and one that should be on any music lovers short list. Check out the Kenwood Excelon DNX9960 here.

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