AiM Sports Solo GPS Data Recorder

If you’ve ever done a track day, you know it can be a fun experience. To add to that fun the addition of a GPS data recorder can add to the enjoyability and perhaps even help you improve your driving. This is where devices such as AiM Sports Solo come in. They can record your lap times, show g-forces, predicted lap times and splits.

This unit can predict your estimated lap time or the difference between your current and best lap time. The large display gives easy to read information so that you can monitor without having to concentrate to much on the screen and distract you from your driving.

The review mode, for after the drive, shows both lap times and minimum and maximum speeds. It doesn’t show split times but can be connected to a computer for later analysis. The battery only lasts for around four to six hours depending on whther you use the backlight or not but does come with a power cord so battery life isn’t that crucial.

The Solo may be a bit complex for casual users, but the detailed information is quite a nice feature and well worth the complexity involved in using it.

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